14 Ways to gain someone else’s respect.

14 Ways to gain someone else’s respect.

There is a big difference between a good person you love and a person who respects and counts thousands. Your respect and talents are the results of your actions. Psychology has been summarized in 14 key points, and the application will be a talent and a tribute to all.

First impressions

Remember, there is only one opportunity to make a first impression on people. Psychology says that this is the first impression that goes on. In the first five seconds, you’ll be surprised by what people think about you. They compare your peace and your clothes with your eyes. These are all the important things you need to consider to make a good first impression, as it will take a long time.

Stay calm

Don’t get me wrong, laughter is good, but always with everyone. When you meet someone, you don’t know, you have to be diligent and smile.

Keep your promises

This is certainly one of the most important steps you can take to gain respect. If you have made non-binding commitments and commitments in the past, do not repeat them. If you have a lot of trouble keeping your promises, you make a lot of promises that you don’t keep. People can’t respect people who don’t keep their promises; don’t make an appointment if you’re happy, indefinite, or angry.

He insulted God who raised him

Dealing with a cleaning lady like a person with a significant social status loves me and I think modesty is a great quality.

Remember and adhere to your principles

Your principles are an integral part of your personality formation. This is defined by what you grew up with and the experience of your life. A person who lives without a principle is a shocked weak person who bends where the wind blows. Stick to your principles and keep them alive.

Stop apologizing to me.

People who always say “sorry” are usually not very respected. There is a time and place to apologize. Sometimes mistakes affecting family and friends are made. You can apologize to her, but stop using the word “sorry” 1000 times an hour, especially for things that do not work out at work.

Do not waste other people’s time

If you respect other people’s time, they respect you and your time and let people explain you with a date like a clock.

Stop gossiping at once

Always act so that the person you are talking to is in the same room as you. You must respect others, even if you don’t like them. It is a shaking nature when people who climbed to victory reduced others, and do not become one of them.

Do not be so gentle

Tenderness is different from the need to always do something for a person. Even if you try to make everyone happy, you will not be taken anywhere. If your goal is to gain respect, it is undesirable to be available. If you are always too kind to everyone, some people may think that you are not honest or that you are weak.

Stay open

On the other hand your commitment to principles, he wants to be open and unbiased. That’s not bad. It means accepting others and learning from them when they have something useful.

14 Ways to gain someone else’s respect.

Create true value-add

People who earn respect each time are people who add value, and their existence is important and influential. Do not leave it to look like water without taste or smell.

Get inspired

You might be inspired to talk to others about their dreams and goals. Remember that people forget what you say, and people forget what you do, but never forget how you feel about them.

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Take care of the others

Watch your surroundings and the people in your life at work or home. A sincere expression of concern and concern for others when you need it – a remarkable quality for the strong. It also shows that you are not only focused on yourself and have an emotional ability to care and help when needed.

14 Ways to gain someone else’s respect.

Control your emotions

Hold back your direct responses to what makes you emotional, good or bad. Of course, it’s good to be yourself and show enthusiasm. But always return to your mind to prevent a strong reaction that you may regret later.

I know how to say “no”.

Don’t feel guilty when speaking, and don’t worry about missing the opportunity. You should not agree with everything someone asks you, sometimes you get more respect when you say you are not instead of agreeing. When you say no, you are not afraid to admit that you value your time, and you show that you don’t have time for everything.

Occurs when the user is overused

Don’t be silent when someone abuses you, professional diplomats, but be quiet. Defending yourself isn’t always easy. That is why it is a sign of a man who deserves to be respected.

Gain the trust of the affected party

When you see injustice around, do you ignore it to avoid confrontation? Sometimes you have no choice but you need to protect others. Especially when they can’t protect themselves.


Sometimes you have to stop talking and listening; people who talk nonstop often don’t respect them nonstop. The famous words are, I was afraid of him until he opened his mouth and said a few words.

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