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15 What the poor do and the rich don’t

15 What the poor do and the rich don’t

Have you ever seen a rich man think, “What do they do, what don’t I do?” Or, what do you do to impoverish yourself? Remember, this list doesn’t mean you feel bad

It’s just a series of tips for the rich about bad habits that they’ve never included in their lives.

Spending time with the wrong people

As the saying goes, you have a total of five people to spend more time with, who are these people? Are they successful, healthy, happy people? If you meet other poor people, you will remain poor. You can feel the social pressure not to overtake your friends for fear of losing your company. After some time, poor friends begin to envy your success, which can spoil the relationship. True friends will rejoice for you, and they will stay with you until the end.

They do not go to the doctor regularly.

The rich take care of themselves in every aspect of their lives, not just wanting to become rich. The body is structured health and well-being are of great importance. Without a healthy body, you cannot work or enjoy life, so they consult a doctor for regular inspection. This is a very delicate matter. This is because the medical costs are high and many people may not have insurance.

There is no opportunity to focus on persons with

“It’s going to be hard,” said the poor, looking at big goals. Sometimes fear can be overwhelming, and they succumb even before they start. That’s why so many poor people don’t even try to fulfil their dreams; If they are afraid of failure, they will miss the opportunity.

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You have more kids.

According to statistics, the poor tend to have children compared to the rich. The poor began to have children between the ages of 20 and 20. Because of their weak situation, they may not be able to afford good schools.

The rich are more interested in waiting for the moment when they are ready to raise their children under the right conditions. They want to ensure economic stability or a path to success. They want their children to live in the best blocks of the school. That’s why you’ll see so many successful people wait until they’re 30 to have children. Many rich people have only one or two children because they want to make sure they have a perfect life.

The problem is blamed on others

The poor often blame others for their failures and suddenly become victims in their lives. Blame others, and you will be responsible for your destiny. After all, you are the only one who controls your life.

15 What the poor do and the rich don’t.

I don’t have enough savings

Poor people struggle to save money. Even if you try to keep something in your bank account, it can quickly pay off if you need to repair a car or another unexpected account. According to Go Banking Rates, 58% of people have less than $1,000 and they live salary to salary. Loss of employment can lead to loss of housing or bankruptcy.

Credit card acceptance

Poor people tend to be interested in owning a lot of things, he feels good in the short term. For example, many people are committed to religion because they are determined to own the latest iPhone.

Spend money before they get it.

We’ve already talked about credit cards in this list, poor people tend to spend money before they get money. They think of everything they want to buy in expectation of salary. All bills are paid, and after the weekend, the balance in the bank account suddenly decreases. Poor people also start receiving loans as soon as they get a new job or promotion. This way they cannot escape poverty.

15 What the poor do and the rich don’t.

Fast Food

If you’re half broke, it can be tempting to go to a fast food restaurant and buy cheap stuff. However, this mentality often leads to obesity. Many rich people are overweight, but these are usually those who inherit wealth. Most homemade millionaires are in good health. The wealthier the person, the more likely they are to hire a personal trainer.

It’s not just slender and attractive. The rich want to eat healthily because they know it helps them work better. Once you have a healthy diet, you will feel better mentally and physically than ever in your life.

The other person should help them

Poor people think they owe something they often think they deserve help. Many poor people believe that the rich should help them and often play the victim. They believe that those who want to give them “deserved” help have finally come into their lives. No one will give you help or guidance unless they see that you are serious about improving your life.

15 What the poor do and the rich don’t.

They never talk to their children about money.

Most poor children hear their parents argue over money, and from an early age, children associate too much money with happiness, lack of money, and suffering. Often, when poverty becomes a serious problem, parents can divorce. Most children do not know how much their parents earn or how to manage their household finances. Poor parents may not want to talk about it. Therefore, children are more likely to continue living in poverty because they cannot understand how the real world works.

You do not read

Not many poor people like to read books or learn new things. Focus only on the imagination, when they read books, they prefer fiction, escape, reading novels and entertainment. It’s like watching TV or a movie, it rarely brings real value to your adult life. You can learn a new part of the story or random trifles.

The rich are the “bad guys”.

Most of the poor have this cliché in their hearts, and it is that the rich are evil and arrogant people. It comes from the belief that they have to do something wrong or illegal to get the money they have. People who became millionaires have worked incredibly hard for money. Many of them start from below and are truly humble people.

15 What the poor do and the rich don’t.

They only think of themselves.

Poor people don’t see the whole picture, they just think about themselves. If you want to be rich, you have to think about what you can do for the world. Think of the richest and most influential people. By thinking about the big picture and ensuring the well-being of others, you can get closer to creating wealth.

The poor are prone to a pattern of rapid growth, and in today’s world, we are used to being satisfied quickly. Everything we want to know is available online from our phones. People who have grown in the modern world expect the growth of their wealth to happen as quickly as possible. Most often, they fall into an investment firm trying to spread the idea that traders can make a lot of money by selling products to family and friends.

The rapid richness of regulation

You see many sports.

Like watching TV, poor people are sports fans, and they even leave before they buy team equipment, speaking of which, all this is a little ridiculous. While watching sports is an escape from everyday reality, people do not benefit much from watching sports.

Rich people know that they are better off than doing sports and doing business.

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