WordPress Website Creation Guide (easy steps from 2023)

WordPress Website Creation Guide (easy steps from 2023)

Steps to create a WordPress site

Creating a WordPress site is a great option for anyone who wants to create a professional website through WordPress, you can easily and quickly create a professional website without the need for software skills or a long time of work.

WordPress is the best platform for creating websites for small businesses, businesses, large organizations, blogs, or educational sites. Or even create a WordPress site for free (in this article we will explain how a free WordPress site works)

According to the official WordPress website, 41% of websites are made through WordPress,

including world-famous websites that can get millions of visitors a month.

In this article, we will detail the steps to create a professional WordPress site and illustrate,

this description is simple and can be applied to anyone,

and we touch on many important and detailed things about the work of a WordPress site,

and also include approximate cost data so that we can create a WordPress site.

Note: The option to create a WordPress site is a great option for anyone,

but it is not the easiest option so if you want a different option that is easier

you don’t need many features on your site but you want to create a simple site for yourself.

At the end of the article, you will find a great alternative to the WordPress platform to create your site in just a few minutes.

Now let us start with a topic about designing a professional WordPress site,

start with understanding this platform and we will address the requirements you need to have before you build your site on WordPress.

What is WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to create and manage sites easily and simply.

WordPress is an open-source software system based primarily on the PHP programming language, meaning it is not owned by a company or organization and is completely free,

developed by a group of volunteer worldwide developers.

With WordPress, you can create any kind of website,

such as a blog, social media site, forum, or professional online store but it’s ideal if you’re creating a blog or news site.

To avoid confusion, you must understand that there are two WordPress platforms and here are brief descriptions of each:


This is an integrated platform for the work of a blog or website (website builder),

it represents an integrated solution for the creation of a site,

providing everything you need from hosting, domain name and tools to build and manage your site.

This platform offers a variety of packages with paid monthly or annual payment methods,

and you can create a WordPress site completely free,

but with limited possibilities and points, WordPress.com has a completely free package in the name of a subsystem.

Note: We will explain how a free WordPress site works through this platform today in our article.


This is an open-source WordPress platform,

you can go to get a content management software package or download one of the free templates or extensions available in the store.

More information about WordPress, features, why it is a great choice,

and what is WordPress: Head over to our article titled, the most popular site you use.

Requirements for creating a WORBERIS site

1. Electronic payment method

To create a professional WordPress site, you need to sign up for web hosting,

you also need a domain name as well as purchase paid professional templates and some paid plugins.

This, of course, is necessary to have one of the means of online payment

to pay these requirements for the site or company you purchase.

You should know that depending on the method of electronic payment you accept varies from company to company but in some cases,

the two methods of electronic payment are monthly and are accepted by most companies:

Credit card

You can go to your local bank to learn about credit card requirements or sign up with Payoneer to get a free credit card.

Electronic banks and PayPal

PayPal has been the most popular electronic bank to date and is used as a secure and widely accepted payment method when connected to a bank account or credit card.

If you do not have PayPal permissions,

create an account using the instructions described in the article, “Description of creating a PayPal account.”

2. Some experience and skills in electronic handling

Here we don’t talk about advanced technologies but registering on your site

and enough skills to coordinate and manage your site in WordPress.

This requirement is not as difficult as some people think.

All the ideas here are to enter the data correctly.

WordPress Website Creation Guide (easy steps from 2023)

3. Reasonable limitation of English

English is very important in everything related to the Internet,

and as an aspiring WordPress site you will sometimes need English.

Here you don’t have to be an expert, it just has a reasonable level of English,

and with the help of translators and some practice, you can overcome all the difficulties possible.

Note that there are versions of WordPress in Arabic, and there are many translated versions of plugins and some templates,

but still many plugins and templates are not available in Arabic so you must deal with them in English.

Now let’s go to explain the steps to create a WordPress site practically and simply.

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WordPress Website Creation Guide (easy steps from 2023)

Steps to create a professional WordPress site

First step: Reserve a domain name (domain name)

The domain name is the name of the website and is the same as the domain name of the winner, “www.yourwebsitename.com”.

Regardless of the method used to create the site, the domain name of the site as it appears on the internet represents the address of the Internet.

Many of the hosting companies offer you a free domain when booking hosting for one year and most hosting companies have their stores to easily buy domain names through your account with others so you can ignore this step and complete the hosting booking in the next step.

However, in either case, there are professional and well-known stores for selling domain names and these stores are the most important.


Select GoDaddy


Second step: Scheduled hosting (hosting)

Hosting or Web Hosting: A service that allows you to store content files in one place and view them online,

without registering your website with a hosting company that can’t be displayed on the Internet.

In terms of using WordPress, there are two types of hosting:

Dedicated hosting for WordPress sites: It is special hosting for the creation of a WordPress site, and it is necessary to prepare a basic WordPress file,

the advantage that you need to do is to create a site immediately after booking.

Public Hosting: Different types are used for all types of sites

and you start to upload your WordPress files directly and adjust them manually, it doesn’t take about 30 minutes.

In some cases, most of the good and famous hosting companies offer a special package for WordPress site owners who are ready to work immediately with WordPress website builders.

Here is a small list of excellent hosting companies that WordPress can automatically adjust:

  • Blue Host
  • Site groomed
  • I’m a dream host
  • Select HostGator

Step 3: Install WordPress (Install WordPress)

Important note that images used in the descriptions below come from Control Panel,

the most popular control panel in the hosting world, but many hosts have their control panel (including Bluehost).

Here the appearance and arrangement of the control panel may be slightly different,

WordPress Website Creation Guide (easy steps from 2023)

Now you can install WordPress and there are two cases:

Case 1: (You have chosen a WordPress hosting type) in any case you should:

  • Enter (username, and password) to access the hosting control panel.
  • Go to the WordPress Tools section and click the WordPress installer icon to start the WordPress download process.
  • Select the domain name where you want to install WordPress.
  • Click the “Install Now” button to find the login information (URL login link, username, password) for the site.

Step 4: Select and upload a WordPress theme (theme)

Once you download WordPress on your site, you have a WordPress site but in a traditional and basic way to make your site stand out and control how it appears to your visitors.

then you need to choose a WordPress theme that matches the content of the site you want to display.

WordPress Website Creation Guide (easy steps from 2023)

There are two types of WordPress templates:

1. Free Templates

These are templates created by volunteers and made available to everyone for free, and thousands on the WordPress site itself, you can access it through the WordPress site control panel.

2. Paid Templates

These templates are created by you or your company, and often are professional-looking templates with many features.

there are plenty of shops and special sites where you can purchase WordPress themes and the most important and most famous site is theme forest.

and for more information about WordPress templates and how they work the most important criteria for choosing a WordPress template

begin with installing and activating a list of WordPress templates and the best WordPress templates visit the article links below:

Here are the steps to upload a new template to your site.

Enter the site’s control panel.

  • In the right column, turn on your mouse and tap (Appearance) (Theme).
  • Press the “Add New” button in the upper right corner to lift the new template.
  • You will find many free templates uploaded with WordPress that you can choose as you like.
  • After you have uploaded a template, press look Templates to display the template.

I have finished my article on the stage of creating a WordPress that many young Arabs hope will help them create their website.

The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

Cheap hosting is a very popular choice among people who want to build a website because it offers many features from scratch.

Some online providers want to provide services through a website that doesn’t require a lot of resources to host.

If you are at the beginning of a website and don’t know whether it is successful,

it is natural that you tend to choose the safest option, and in that case,

the safest is the cheapest hosting that provides the largest number of resources without a doubt.

Since the hosting market is always a very large market filled with companies competing to provide services at competitive prices,

we talk about the cheapest web hosting in this article, we save the problem of searching and comparing, and we provide the most suitable license for this purpose.

Why cheap hosting is a good choice for beginners

Some people think that good hosting must be expensive because they think this type of service is more expensive and better.

After all, they often think it is more expensive and similar to the products, they buy every day.

However, this idea does not apply to services such as web hosting,

it depends mainly on the resources you want, and if one hosting company provides the resources you need at the quality you want at a certain price,

there is no justification to buy more expensive hosting than them and waste money.

Many people don’t know the resources they need, either because they’re still getting started, or because they’re needed for a different purpose than most site owners.

Cheap hosting is the best option because it allows you to invest more money on real content to attract more visitors using cheap hosting from scratch,

because they don’t spend much money at first, there will be less risk in the case of a site failure.

Criteria to choose the cheapest web hosting

1. Pricing and Resources

Of course, the first and simplest point is to look at the resources provided by hosting and compare them at their prices,

and if you see them cheaper for this price, you don’t fall into the common mistake of choosing to host more resources.

Unless you expect to use these resources that are wasting your money, so what you need to do is select the resources you want in advance and search for the best offers for them,

and don’t worry, even if your site grows unexpectedly, most companies offer to host development options and increase those resources later.

2. Payment Details

There are side details that should not be overlooked while purchasing any hosting plan, and the first is the term. For example,

if you subscribe to a four-year plan, you pay all fees in advance, so check the subscription term and choose the best option.

You should also consider the renewal price, some hosting companies put a very high renewal price for any hosting, which may be up to four times the original subscription,

so you should keep that in mind during the purchase.

3. Free Services and Accessories

In addition to what we mentioned before, the free services provided by the hosting are also very important if you are looking for the best deals (the cheapest web hosting for your site with good features)

Such a domain name can be a cost at the price of the month of the hosting service you purchased,

so you should ensure that the hosting company in your account has enough services to ensure that your trading is profitable.

These services are usually provided free of charge by hosting companies:

  • Domain name.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Site Builder Tool.
  • Click cPanel.
  • Backup.
  • The number of e-mail accounts.
  • The number of sites that can be created at a hosting.

The cheapest hosting companies

Before we start to see our list of the cheapest, most reliable and guaranteed web hosting companies.

Here are some important points:

A) prices may vary when you visit an official hosting site because hosting companies usually keep adjusting prices,

they also offer discounts in many cases such as Black Friday.

B) What we’re talking about today is the cheapest shared hosting,

see the document types of hosting to understand the difference between shared hosting and other types of hosting.

C) before you buy any hosting, you need to know exactly what you want and choose according to your convenience.

It will help you make the best choice for you, we recommend you return to the article on how to choose a hosting company.

D) some of the company links below are affiliate links for winners, and the purchase of hosting from these specific links will allow us to receive a commission from these hosting companies.

This committee does not affect the price of hosting at all, but the difference is that by purchasing from the link in this article,

you support us with the winners, help us keep up, and always provide good content for you.

Let’s start our review of the most affordable web hosting.

1. Hostinger Hosting – Hostinger

For $1.99/month, Hostinger offers the smallest sharing plan with 50 GB of SSD storage,

100 GB of bandwidth, 10,000 monthly visits,

only one location, one email, and a free SSL certificate.

Add to this same hosting and other free features; weekly backup, website builder,

DNS management, two databases, and additional features for WordPress management.

In addition to basic hosting services such as 24/7 technical support,

30-day cost savings, up to 99, and guaranteed uptime for 90%,

this is a very secure number to maintain site reliability.

On the other hand, however,

it is a very obvious disadvantage to that plan that you do not offer free domains,

you will have to pay an extra amount for it or use a higher plan from $2.79,

or even use one of the other providers that offer free domains with their small plans.

And the resources we have mentioned are provided with a free domain and many other free features like a free SSL certificate,

website builder and daily backup, and are one of the official site recommendations for WordPress,

and provide all services and updates within the hosting.

2. Bluehost

BlueHost offers 10 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a minimum monthly rate of $2.95 through a single website.

In addition to offering free domains, SSL certificates and CDNs for the first year,

and providing many services and updates for WordPress,

it nominates users from the best hosting WordPress, WordPress itself and the official site.

BlueHost provides excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

and you can make a payment within the first 30 days of registration.

Unlike Hostinger, Bluehost is a better choice for beginners and novice website builders using the cPanel control panel.

The most noticeable disadvantage of Bluehost hosting is the price of renewal,

we started planning a little before 2.95 in the first year, and the price switched to $9.99 per month,

a higher renewal price than the rest of the service providers,

but despite that defect, it is still one of the best options for you.

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The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

3. Host host of HostGator

HostGator offers the smallest plan of $2.75 per month,

which includes unlimited storage space and bandwidth, a very rich resource with several email accounts,

and the possibility of hosting a single site.

As well as free resources available, they also offer a one-year free domain, free SSL certificate,

one-click WordPress installation, cPanel and free website builder.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day,

in a variety of forms, and you can recoup costs within 30 days of purchasing your plan.

The renewal price for that hosting is rather good,

after only the first three years of a monthly $2.75 lease, the price will change to $7.99,

which is already the best if it is one of the best hosting options in terms of price and resources.

The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

4. Hosted by DreamHost

Many websites rank dream hosts as the best of all,

due to a very large set of features that every host has.

Dream Host offers a minimum plan of $2.59/month, with 50GB of storage, Bandwidth, unlimited monthly visits, and a single website.

And the resources we have mentioned are provided with a free domain and many other free features like a free SSL certificate,

website builder and daily backup,

and are one of the official site recommendations for WordPress, and provide all services and updates within the hosting.

Its technical support works 24 hours a day in many different forms, including live chat,

phone and technical support tickets, and the money-backup period is also very large 97 days.

Perhaps after all these advantages you expect the renewal price to be high, but it is also very good,

the renewal price after the first three years is $5.99 in May, less than twice the original price.

Another advantage of Dream Host is that it offers a low monthly subscription. The monthly subscription price is $4.95, which is often very high on other hosts.

The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

5. Hosted by A2 Hosting

A2Hustings offers its smallest hosting for a little higher than we mentioned before at $2.99/month,

and its plan comes with 100GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, one website,

and an unlimited number of email accounts.

It also offers free SSL certificates, free website builders,

the ability to choose the location of the hosting data centre and cPanel control panel,

and two hot warranties to ensure an uptime of 99.9%.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day, in many different forms,

and you can recover money at any time throughout the hosting,

but if the duration of the service increases by 30 days or more,

you will be charged for the duration of the hosting.

The annual subscription renewal cost is $107.88 ($8.99 per month), so the renewal price is slightly higher.

In addition to the price, this hosting does not offer a free domain and if you do not need a large number of resources provided by that company or the ability to return the money you own,

it is recommended that you choose another company and pay additional fees on it.

6. Hosting all pages – ipage

Ipage is one of the most comfortable hosting you will ever use, so at first,

it doesn’t make a lot of other resources and plans,

it just has one plan that has all the features you need.

The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

7. Hosted by NIM Chip – Namecheap

The advantage of distinguishing this is evident in the company name,

which is clear in plans that have a lower price than the average price of other service providers.

The company offers the lowest level of hosting at $1.98 per month, unlimited 20 GB of SSD and bandwidth storage,

and the ability to host three sites and 30 email accounts.

With these rich resources, hosting also offers free domains,

free SSL certificates, website builders, a cPanel control panel and double weekly backups.

The renewal price is also very good; after the first two years,

the price will go back to the lowest renewal price on the entire list, about $3.5 per month.

Monthly subscriptions are also very special, it is much less than hosting a dream host for $4.48 per month.

The cheapest and most reliable website hosting (under $2)

Planning A Printing Project (The ultimate guide)

Planning A Printing Project (The ultimate guide)

One of the most common project ideas among people looking for a T-shirt printing project is a project that penetrates the financial and business markets.

When you get ideas for a project for young people at a brainstorming meeting, you can also listen to or discuss them with your friends.

Print tickets on one of the most profitable projects. If you love drawing and colour grouping, or if you have the skills to design using other image design software, you will be a good motivator to start this project after you have studied the project requirements and market requirements.

But starting a project is not just capital and a tool, there are other dimensions that you need to focus on to be successful and sustainable. This is not just a short-term idea; it can also be a failure due to mismanagement.

Read this article to learn about your print project and what you need to get started. We also provide a variety of marketing ideas to ensure the success and continuity of your project.

Planning A Printing Project (The ultimate guide)

What is a print project?

Simply put, the T-shirt printing project is a fabric printing machine that paints or prints a particular design selected for a graphic-free t-shirt. Or “sad T-shirt.”

To provide more information about ticket printing projects, we will cover the following two points in detail:

  • Characteristics of a ticket printing project
  • Type of T-shirt printing

Characteristics of a ticket printing project

1. One of the easiest projects that do not require previous experience with printing is a good knowledge of how to operate the printing machine and how to deal with any emergency problems that may arise.

2.No labour is required as a single person can first manage the project in all management, operations and marketing aspects.

3. It attracts a large number of customers, especially those in the 12 to 40 age range, representing youth and youth.

4. It is easy to implement as a result of the presence of many designs, or designs that can be drawn and designed from scratch.

Graphic-free t-shirts “gentlemen” are the most produced in the factory, because they are a common element of all tastes, so we can say that the result of their presence greatly proves that they are inexpensive.

Planning A Printing Project (The ultimate guide)

A ticket printing project does not require a lot of space to run, but at first, you can set up a specific part in a particular room and customize it for your project tools.

7. Presentation or marketing of the final product is easy and accessible to everyone, that is, the marketing method of the project does not require a high budget.

8. the machine and tools used can be printed on other products such as cups or “inkJet” as we call them, as well as accessories such as pillows, mattresses and chains.

9. If your project is well planned and sold, you can easily make a big profit.

The project is based on creativity and innovative ideas. This is especially true if one of the project implementers has a queen of art senses, drawing talent, and even colour choices.

Unique designs are easy to implement, providing a competitive advantage and uniqueness in a variety of designs that many competitors do not implement.

The print T-shirt project is easy to implement at home and sell over the internet at the moment and display through various social networking sites and promote it very easily.

Planning A Printing Project (The ultimate guide)

Type of T-shirt printing

There are three ways to print on a T-shirt:

A) Send Print or (Send)

A type of print that uses a “you Jet” printer to print designs on speciality media and to print with special types of ink. Then use the thermal press or ironing press to print onto the paper on the T-shirt and then eject the design paper.

T-shirt produced in this type of printing of t-shirt is high quality, characteristic and suitable for all types of fabric.

Planning A Printing Project (The ultimate guide)

B) Diagnostic printing

This type of printing uses a fabric print printer, and the fabric or fabric to be printed is processed and processed using chemicals. Then press the design onto the t-shirt using a thermal piston.

This type of printing is suitable for all types of fabrics, in which the final product provides high quality and consistent colour.

C) silken print or shablona

Everyone says it’s an easy process. High-quality printing on more than one product is possible as long as you understand the printing mechanism.

Then print the design on light, transparent paper such as butter or clock leaves, place the paper in a hard fabric, and place heavy items, such as heavy boxes. Let it stand for at least a quarter of an hour to see the design printed on a hard fabric.

Silk printing is a type of printing that has been in use for many years. But it has evolved a lot now.

Requirements of the ticket printing business

1. dedicated project area

The project of T-shirt printing is one of the easiest projects to implement because it does not require a large dedicated space or space for the tools and machines used for printing.

As mentioned earlier, you can customize a specific room or a specific location in your room. You can also customize your own or even a rental place in the store if you rely on direct sales to consumers.

And tips from the winners’ website, you should not stop online through the page for your business. Don’t rely solely on the store to offer products and sell directly to consumers.

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2. Printing process tools and printing machines

For printing machines and tools, this depends on the type of print you are performing, but there is a common denominator that cannot be replaced regardless of the type of print.

You will need:

  • Whether it’s a computer or a laptop, this is the primary tool for downloading designs or designing from scratch.
  • This scanner is very important for importing and transferring images and designs from your computer, especially if the printed design is a personal image.
  • Used to move designs from printed paper to t-shirts or products.
  • It is important to store the product in a well-ventilated and convenient location, especially when printing large quantities.

The price of a press

The price of the printing machine on the T-shirt varies depending on the market and the type of machine, but the price of the machine to put a closer picture of the project ranges from 810 thousand Egyptian pounds for the small printing machine. It can sometimes reach up to 50 Egyptian pounds for larger-sized machines.

Also, the difference in the price of the currency affects the price of the printing machine, especially imports from abroad.

How to get started with e-commerce (in 7 Steps)

How to get started with e-commerce (in 7 Steps)

You hear about e-commerce and the benefits you can make through it and the wealth you have finally access to. But don’t you know how or where to start?

It looks very complex, and you need a guide or path that details the steps you need to implement. Isn’t that true?

First, you need to understand that e-commerce requires knowledge and expertise, just like any other business. So, you’ll answer the question, “How do I start with e-commerce?” For more information.

We provide all the basics and steps you follow to attract customers and make money. It’s not just a product and a website, it’s a little more complex.

7 steps to get started in e-commerce

Step 1: Find the right business model for you

The first step in getting started with e-commerce is to know and understand the best business model.

Each of us has our own experience in life, and one structure cannot be all right, you must take a look at the goods and services you know a lot, which you can offer to consumers online.

Here are a few questions to help you identify your ideals:

What is your area of expertise and what services or technologies do people want and can I provide them? Which kind of products do you want to sell, and do you have the requirements to sell?

Answering these questions will help narrow your search and give you the exact location to start your


Come up with ideas, explore them and compare them to each other. Some markets are very competitive and some are less competitive.

On the other hand, the customer is a lowly competitive market, so you should choose a midpoint in this market where you can compete with your experience.

After you think and take the time to recall what you want to sell, you should think about where you will start selling.

Each product has its marketing method. You can launch an online store or display your products on Amazon or other stores.

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Here are a few tools you can use to understand how customers search for a specific product and the demand for that product:

  • Google Trends tool
  • Keywords are everywhere
  • Ahrens tool
  • SEMRUSH tool
  • And other free and paid keyword search tools are available.

Step 2: Identify the target market

Once you identify the market you are trying to start working on, now you need to start researching this market, and explore information about competitors, their history and previous business so that you can start e-commerce.

Use this information to find new value or unique selling points to beat other competitors.

One of the most important things to consider is the target market gap, as each market has gaps that can be complemented to differentiate itself from the competition.

Some people suffer from poor service after payment, and people who suffer from the quality of the product searching and filling the gap can attract many customers and gain their trust in your products.

When searching, you should consider the target customer, the customer’s characteristics, and how you think. This is important to predict what the customer expects from the product they will deliver and what they will accept.

By determining the age, location and living level of potential customers, you will be able to offer them the best possible service, this will help you to perform one of the most important e-commerce operations, marketing.

After finally reaching the target product, you need to apply some criteria to make sure it is profitable to you in the short and long term.

Step 3: Create your brand

Once you have completed all the details and standards of a product, you should focus on what makes the brand look more professional and focus on making it stand out.

But first, you should make sure that this name is not taken by any other brand, this will help you in all aspects, especially in marketing and SEO.

In addition to the name, you must have a unique visual identity and pay attention to the visual aspects that the mark must be compatible with the target audience.

How to get started with e-commerce (in 7 Steps)

Step 4: Find the source of the product

At this stage, if the product is a real product, you need to source the product, and this is one of the most important steps to starting an e-commerce business.

The second type of product is the most common type you buy from a distributor and then sell again with a profit margin.

In this case, you can use a factory or wholesale store to provide the products you want, but in this case, you need to cover the cost of the products before selling them.

You need a lot of products during the sale. In this case, you cannot control the price because the seller determines the purchase price and the market determines the sales price.

If you do not want to handle inventory directly, you can also use drop shipping.

On the other hand, some digital products do not require all of these issues. By providing digital products online, you do not have to physically handle the product, and you can sell any kind of photo and video templates or materials.

Step 5: Obtain the necessary permissions and licenses

When you start e-commerce, don’t ignore other aspects that are not related to sales and profits, such as the legal aspects, which can cost much later.

The licenses required depend on the industry and product you are trading in, and some products do not require a license to begin using.

So, you need to research and know the type of licenses in your geographical area and get them before you start working, so in the future to protect yourself and your business.

If this process is not successful, there are many offices and institutions, including certified lawyers, who can provide the advice and information they need and implement what they need for the benefit.


E-commerce is one of the most successful ways to monetize the world’s Internet, as people go digital rather than traditional buying and shopping methods.

How to Develop a Business Plan Model (Practical Guide)

How to Develop a Business Plan Model (Practical Guide)

Whether you are an entrepreneur or interested in starting a business or working in a large corporate team, you should know that you need a professional business plan that allows you to actively enter the market, boost business growth, and provide you with a competitive advantage.

A successful project was an idea from the start, and a professional business plan was developed to help achieve it.

Action plans help you understand all aspects of finance, materials, and morale, enabling you to start projects with lower risk, greater efficiency, and fewer resources.

In this article, we will elaborate on what a business plan is, what its elements are, and how he will professionally write a business plan model.

What is the action plan?

A business plan is a company’s action plan for some time in the future until the goal is achieved. This guide and a leading tool for those who want to do business in the company or launch new products or projects.

It clarifies all aspects of the company’s internal and external operations, as well as the following:

  • Ideas and objectives of the project.
  • Policies used to ensure access.
  • Periods covered by the plan.
  • Market economy situation.
  • The extent to which funding is needed and its source.
  • Expected strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Product description or service and concept.

The Plan of Action is an integral part of the work itself and is not only a document or an off-the-shelf model but also a serious exercise that can focus its efforts and work effectively.

Why do we need an action plan before starting a project?

Have you asked yourself why businesses and companies need business plans?

As mentioned earlier, it is like a roadmap that guides you towards your goals and will enable you to deal with the opportunities and constraints you encounter throughout the process of achieving them.

The answer to this question is not limited to this, and there are many reasons why businesses need to always write business plan models for their projects, such as:

Includes all details of the products and services provided by the project and the pricing and supply planning, marketing and sales strategy of the project.

Business plans are a prerequisite for obtaining project financing and loans from banks, as entrepreneurs need detailed information about the project and its feasibility.

Business planning is a major reason for increased investment. Successful programs attract investors to purchase their projects, invest in or purchase some of their shares in the company, and increase their chances of acquiring investors who add value to their projects or integrate into the main entity.

All operational financial statements are available from the capital, assets, liabilities, financial needs and sources of funds.

j) The Action Plan helps to initiate projects with lower risk and higher return on investment, as it provides detailed instructions on funding, production requirements, and how to deliver and market products.

This importance comes from the integration and interaction of some of the basic elements and components of the plan.

Content of the action plan

The action plan includes several key elements:

Component 1: Executive Summary

It provides a full plan overview, why you plan, products and services offered, goals, market overview, resources and funds you need, and a competitive advantage for your brand or product.

The purpose of the Executive Summary is to attract the attention of the concerned and provide a brief overview of the contents of the plan.

The second element is a description of the company

The second element of the plan is the description of the company, which determines whether the company is an individual, an investment, or an alliance. This element highlights some details:

  • The type, vision, and goals of the company’s industry.
  • The products and services they offer are described simply.
  • Target customers, their personalities, and approach strategies.
  • The financial and legal status of the company.
  • The management structure of the company.

The purpose of the company description in the plan is to provide an overview of the company, important information about the company, and to clarify the situation of the company realistically.

Element 3: Description of the working environment

This capability is intended to analyze existing business environments or companies and industries through two axes:

First, the commercial market

The commercial market is analyzed and estimated by size, the growth rate of the business within, and the extent to which it can be absorbed by startups, products, and services.

In addition to studying the types of variables that occur, opportunities and threats, requirements

Identify the consumer’s characteristics, demographics and lifestyle, and who is a customer in the market, whether they are a business, individual or government entity.

Second, competitive analysis

This axis analyzes competitors in markets that offer the same or similar products and uses market research to identify their strengths, weaknesses and market share, marketing strategies, and threat sizes.

In the end, the goal of understanding and analyzing the market and competitors is to create products that meet the needs of customers and consumers, leverage the experience of competitors, and avoid the weaknesses and threats they have experienced.

Element 4: Description of products and services

This element describes the company’s products, description and use, production volumes, production costs, expected profits, and sales. Describe how the product or service works and the price

Component V: Operational Plan (Operations)

A process Plan is a production, product or service, and is a series of activities that include:

All the details about how the task works and who is working on it

What you need to achieve

Strategies used for sales and marketing.

The marketing mix, component:

Price: Different pricing strategies for the product.

Product: Resolve the customer’s issue.

Promotion: A marketing channel used for marketing and messaging your audience.

Location: Sales and sales locations.

Factors that influence the marketing and sales of products

It also indicates the sales amount to be sold to achieve the profit equivalent to the production cost by showing the break-even point through the sales plan.

Make an operational plan a dynamic plan that highlights all steps in your company to achieve your goals.

Component VI: Financial Forecast (Financial Plan)

The Financial Predictive Component of the most important element or part of the business plan outlines the financial requirements of the business, including:

Available assets and liabilities, costs from production, supply and other costs, development costs, estimated costs, expected profit margins, revenue, Available sources of funds and cash flows.

Element 7: Workgroup

The planning model should describe the work of the work-based team and each team member, founder, and manager.

You can hire outside workers or freelancers to explain how many tasks they will perform, what they will do, and the requirements and skills they will need for the team.

Company hours of operation.

Number of employees and estimated salary

Expected rewards and incentives.

Element 8: Appendix

This section contains all additional documentation and information supporting the plan, including partnership agreements, leases, permits, business records, bank accounts and all supporting documentation.

The ability to understand these elements, their content and their relationships helps to create effective planning models that distinguish them from others and help you achieve your ideas effectively and excellently.

How to Develop a Business Plan Model (Practical Guide)

How to create a phased business plan model

There are some important things you need to be clear about in your plan early on.

It is common to prepare a business plan model that not all companies and brands are the same, and that the model is not similar in its components.

Every business has requirements, so the model and components vary from company to company. For example, some companies incorporate marketing and sales plans into their operations plans, and some make their separate elements.

Some companies are worth mentioning that they are preparing model plans manually according to the needs of the components of the plan to prepare model plans, and some companies are using a ready model or program to help the company in writing, each company has its mix of elements and a style to achieve what they want.

The duration of each plan depends on the duration of the project, some with a six-month plan for action, some with a one-year action plan, and the duration is extended to five years to set all the processes and goals.

It was easy to prepare because we had enough information about the plan, the importance of the project, and the elements that makeup it.

How to Develop a Business Plan Model (Practical Guide)

Now you need:

1. Write a summary: Start by writing a summary and briefly explaining all details and objectives.

2. Describe your Company and Business: Trying to explain your business environment uniquely can make your company an attractive place for investment and increase your chances of success in the goals you seek.

3. Describe in detail the products and services: Features and target customers, the materials needed to produce the products, pricing plans and market launch strategies.

4. Analyze the market and competitors: In this section, think and answer some of the following questions:

What is the number of competitors, the size of the company, and the degree of convergence?

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

As a competitor, what is your expected response to your employment?

How likely are other competitors to enter the market?

With full knowledge of these answers, you can determine your strategic position in the marketplace.

5. Operational Plan Development: Clarify the details of marketing and sales plans to be performed during the term.

Also, create a scenario that answers the following questions:

What if raw material prices rise?

What if the machine fails in the factory?

Has your company left one of your administrators?

Has the energy price and cost increased?

How to Develop a Business Plan Model (Practical Guide)

The problem of neighbouring countries?

Lack of production resources or suppliers?

This answer provides a solution to the anticipated crisis and the development of plans and strategies to handle and manage it, and is not surprising during the execution of the operational plan.

6. Development Financial Analysis: Clarify all information about capital, cost, revenue, scale and source of required funds.

Please answer the following questions.

When should I buy raw materials and how much does it cost?

How long do you need to attract customers?

What is the cost of customer acquisition and retention (marketing operations)?

What is the financial investment to buy assets?

Note: The responsibility for preparing this part of the plan is the manager along with the Chief Financial Officer.

7. Team: In this section, you should explain the skills required for the job, the skills required for the team (individuals and skills), the roles of each team member are distributed and the person responsible for each task is identified.

8. Attach the necessary accessories: What you need is to present the plan to the people involved and support your financial and moral situation.

9. use templates and prebuilt forms. Review the spelling and costs at least twice before submitting.

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Some tips that can help you develop a professional business plan

The plan must be realistic, feasible and not based on under-considered assumptions and expectations.

To be easy to understand, you must be clear and away from complexity.

Planned products or services must have unique features and specifications to help bring them to market.

Before you start, you must ensure that all financial, production and functional information you need to prepare is available.

Making the first draft before you start submitting it to stakeholders helps you write any changes and urgent developments regarding the project.

Try not to exceed 30 pages and focus your writing on the quality and usefulness of your information rather than the quantity.

Avoid misspellings, review financial figures accurately, be accurate and concise, and provide clear and credible information across all parts of the Business Plan.

You can use tools like Canva to help you prepare your business plan.

IV. Synopsis

The Business Planning Model is the core of enterprise growth and provides you with a graphical view of the status of your company or future projects from a variety of perspectives, including finance and marketing.

It also shows you where you are now, where you are after a certain amount of time, what the purpose of this trip is, and the route you take to achieve your goals, and represents an expanded picture of your project and a vision for the future.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

The creation of electronic applications is one of the most important monetization methods of the Internet, which is rising in the present era. Everyone relies on applications for social media, entertainment, money transfers, and more.

It is no longer limited to technical professionals, but millions of people use apps in their daily lives without having to have large, medium-sized technical knowledge and expensive smartphones.

In 2020, the application revenue reached approximately 5, $82 billion, which indicates that the application market is successful and profitable.

Now you may think that filling in this field is limited to large enterprises but that is not true. This article details the steps to create a smartphone application that can earn thousands of dollars or more.

Steps to create a mobile application

Define the concept of the application

There are several methods you can use to determine the concept of the application you want to create, the most important of which are:

A) determine the requirements

The best apps and websites are so successful because they can meet your users’ most demanding needs.

Mark Zuckerberg relied on the need for individuals to socialize online to create and develop the Facebook application, and Slack application developers relied on many other applications, as well as the need for individuals to communicate securely and directly during work hours.

Like the most successful app developers, you can get started on your own. Ask me what application I need in my life but I can’t find it. Is it a medical application? Or apply to increase focus? You may need an application that will help you do your job better; the odds are endless.

Find a solution by creating an application to find one of the most important issues that occur in your life every day or regularly, don’t worry about how the application works or design is easy, we will explain the easiest way to complete it later in this article.

In addition, identifying needs may extend beyond you to the people around you. Several apps and inventions help designers overcome the problems experienced by relatives and friends.

Your friends and relatives are excited about discussing the issues they face every day when you know you are thinking about solving them, and some of them can even become one of the sources of funds that we can rely on to make your application clear later.

Finally, you can search for and view the requirements and issues that users post on social media. Human life is complex and often requires new applications, such as those that have emerged over the past two years to keep up with the famous epidemic.

Trying to meet specific requirements is one of the most important sources of ideas for creating mobile phone applications. It helps you reach ideas that meet your needs. The greater the demand to meet the needs of the individual, the more willing you are to pay for the demand.

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B) Improvement

You may not know this; but Facebook is considered to be the first social networking site on the Internet (or app), and the development of social networking sites like Myspace, which died shortly after the advent of Facebook (which was rare at the time).

Optimization for software and applications (sometimes websites) is a common technology used by many Big Tech companies.

Some companies are already making improvements to the applications available, while others are using improved applications from existing applications. This application was purchased or owned by another company in the same way that occurs between Yahoo and a written site.

Of course, improvements are talking about adding improvements that can fundamentally change this application beyond a change in design or colour.

For example, most of the conversation apps on your smartphone are not much different from those you’ve used in the last 10 years.

What I like about this method is that you can create an application without looking for an idea and switch to the application from scratch, and remember that you always don’t have to think of new ideas to create the app on the contrary.

Choose from previously implemented application ideas and proceed through the application in a whole new way. It provides solutions to major life-cycle problems, but there are a huge number of applications that fail due to technology factors or developer interest and many other reasons.

It can dramatically improve the idea of these applications in terms of technology and design, then reintroduce them, and even address the problems that led to the failure of these applications to provide services and solutions that meet user satisfaction.

For two reasons your application should be different from other applications: The first is not in legal trouble and the second is noticeable.

There are a large number of grocery delivery service applications. If you create an application with the same purpose, will you be liable for the theft of your property or will you be charged? Of course, this only happens if you create an application that looks and themes similar to an application that already exists.

For example, to Excel in delivering grocery delivery services, you need to know about other application issues and solutions. This will improve the grocery delivery concept overall.

So, you have an app to get groceries home, but it certainly improves in terms of performance, delivery or other aspects, and also in such a way you can improve the solutions that already exist.

It’s easy to convince users to use apps that provide solutions they know, relying on apps that offer entirely new solutions.

Finally, in a short exercise, pick up your phone, explore your favourite apps, and review the performance of each app. Do you have any ideas to improve or improve the services you provide? If the answer is yes, it’s a good idea to find an idea for the application.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

C) Integration

The integration methods for creating applications are very similar to the optimization methods but are only forms and not topics.

Integration is a popular and reliable way to find application ideas, and the idea is based primarily on combining two ideas into one application, but mergers are only abstract.

Abstract integration is the integration of two basic ideas, such as the creation of a short-term video (idea 1) (idea 2), and TikTok merged the idea of a video on YouTube with the idea of a short video that existed for some time on Facebook.

TikTok relies on many other sub-ideas and integrates them with its basic ideas, some of these sub-ideas include the addition of effects and filters, all ideas preceded by a large number of social media programs, especially Instagram and Snapchat.

Now if you are reviewing ideas 1 and 2 and some older child ideas you will know that TikTok’s idea is not new at all, this indicates that the method of integration is popular in application creation.

Most financial and electronic payment applications are based on the concept of integration, and users are always looking for comprehensive applications.

Because all users are looking for apps that can handle all their financial transactions, many of these apps offer different types of financial services, such as paying bills, sending money, and sending out balances for electronic games.

Financial apps always work like this, but they don’t. Each of the previous services used a different app in the previous year, and smart developers combined all of these services and delivered them to users in one app.

Instead of relying on multiple apps, users preferred to use one app for all financial transactions. Keep in mind that this approach is better for ease of use and security.

You can also integrate more than one idea and service into one application. All you need to do is define your applications, search for key applications, and study them. It also describes how to integrate or integrate these applications to deliver entirely new applications.

2. Application characteristics Specification

Including an app’s properties can confuse the app’s concept, which is not true. The concept of an application is the solution that this application provides to users, but the attributes are how this application provides or provides this solution to users.

In the previous example of a grocery application, the application meets the needs of individuals buying groceries without much effort, about the characteristics, we can say that they are the details of the application’s application of functionality and these needs in the field of grocery delivery.

The full text of this example may be related to the delivery of these orders, the arrival time of the order, or where the order was received or paid. Another popular example is the financial application the idea of this application is to facilitate the user’s payment and electronic purchase.

Features of these applications can be the possibility of bill payments, wallet connections, bank accounts, etc. In conclusion, you should create a list of the characteristics of your application.

Secondary properties can include visual properties, displaying data in certain ways, or sharing on social media. These attributes are of course important but are not of the same importance as the basic characteristics of an application.

Designing application software is expensive, and to reduce costs, you should initially focus on the underlying properties of the application. Of course, you can add any secondary property you want later with a simple or comprehensive update.

In addition, identifying the basic characteristics of the application helps to clarify the nature of the application to investors.

Investors need to know the most important thing the application provides to users. This will help you in the financing decision for this application, but as we will discuss later, it may be considered a critical factor in the financing process for this application.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

3. Study the market and search for the most popular applications in the application field

Now that you’ve reached the idea of launching the app, it’s time to go into the market. Whatever the idea of the application, it belongs to a specific field in the world of smartphone applications.

If the app provides monetary services, it is within the economic realm and wants social media apps and more because the app provides a form of communication.

You should carefully study the application market, as these are important factors that affect the success of your application:

The extent to which the market requires applications (market size, domain and most popular applications related)

The nature of competition in this market (unlike in the self-developed applications market, competition in the financial applications market is intense)

The extent to which the applications available in this market meet the needs of the user.

The last point about user requirements is a very important question. Is there another application based on your ideas? This is another important point to note. Don’t worry. This does not mean that the app does not need to shine. You may need to.

Don’t wonder if one application can control the entire field, you will find a large number of applications that perform almost the same purpose, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most important social networking applications, but each of them has a different look and audience.

Telegram does some extra functions like WhatsApp, but both are considered different and have a large number of users.

Many users rely on multiple apps to perform a single purpose, extending beyond entertainment or social media to financial applications and service applications.

There is already an app based on the same idea in the app. How do you outperform the app?

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

There are several ways to compete with similar apps in an app:

  • Perform SWOT analysis of applications and competitive applications (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis).
  • Download and focus on the top five apps you expect to compete with.
  • Find the most important reasons for your feedback and why you use them in these applications.

There is also a guide on how to transfer, which includes performing the following steps:

  • Record the most important information about these applications, such as name, price, rating, number of downloads, and developers who have distributed the application.
  • You can reduce the number of apps you want to compete with (for example, you might not want to compete with paid apps on the Google Store for less than 3.8), and set a criterion that is right for you, so you’ll be able to compete with fewer apps.
  • Find the most requested features from the audience of these apps and add them to the app.
  • Target vulnerabilities in similar apps and try to fix them in the app.
  • Now, we compete with 4-5 applications in the application space, which is better at focusing on resources and ideas. Competition is always based on providing features and additional functionality that are not available to competitors and can be easily accomplished by following the previous steps.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

4. specify the operating system on which the application will operate

It is important to determine which operating system the application will run on and which operating system is the market for all applications.

When you create an Android-specific app, you compete with an Android-based app.

The more applications run on multiple operating systems and devices, the more markets they will compete in, and at first, it’s a daunting task, but it doesn’t increase the chances of success and growth.

This also means that you will make money in several different ways, you can make apps on Android free and you can offer payment on iOS or vice versa based on one market research.

Each operating system has different economic characteristics, and with applications on more than one system, the number of customers increases, and the revenue increases as you grow.

This means you can reach a large number of customers by allowing them to run apps on this system, but iOS phone users have more purchasing power and the possibility to buy apps.

I can write a full article about the advantages and disadvantages of creating an application that works on either system.

My advice is to research the following factors, which vary from application to application:

Application Domains (Application demand for a specific domain varies by the operating system)

The cost of creating applications on both operating systems.

Is the application free or paid?

In general, most app owners aim to create applications that run simultaneously on Android and iOS, some of them may choose to run their applications on the system before others, but most of them are profitable and successful options always target both systems.

Use the results of previous studies to determine the first operating system to be called an application. After success and growth, you can start with a second system.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

5. Specify the initial design of the application (the design of the simple form of the application)

Is the page designed for the front end because the initial design is for the user interface and application pages, not the application software part or the back end? Yes and no.

While creating an application, it is a good idea to illustrate the appearance of the interface and the order in which it will look.

This is a very important step in creating an application, and of course, there is more than one way to implement it depending on the imagination of the application’s appearance. First, let’s say you have a picture of the application interface and a picture of the pages in that section.

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