How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

The creation of electronic applications is one of the most important monetization methods of the Internet, which is rising in the present era. Everyone relies on applications for social media, entertainment, money transfers, and more.

It is no longer limited to technical professionals, but millions of people use apps in their daily lives without having to have large, medium-sized technical knowledge and expensive smartphones.

In 2020, the application revenue reached approximately 5, $82 billion, which indicates that the application market is successful and profitable.

Now you may think that filling in this field is limited to large enterprises but that is not true. This article details the steps to create a smartphone application that can earn thousands of dollars or more.

Steps to create a mobile application

Define the concept of the application

There are several methods you can use to determine the concept of the application you want to create, the most important of which are:

A) determine the requirements

The best apps and websites are so successful because they can meet your users’ most demanding needs.

Mark Zuckerberg relied on the need for individuals to socialize online to create and develop the Facebook application, and Slack application developers relied on many other applications, as well as the need for individuals to communicate securely and directly during work hours.

Like the most successful app developers, you can get started on your own. Ask me what application I need in my life but I can’t find it. Is it a medical application? Or apply to increase focus? You may need an application that will help you do your job better; the odds are endless.

Find a solution by creating an application to find one of the most important issues that occur in your life every day or regularly, don’t worry about how the application works or design is easy, we will explain the easiest way to complete it later in this article.

In addition, identifying needs may extend beyond you to the people around you. Several apps and inventions help designers overcome the problems experienced by relatives and friends.

Your friends and relatives are excited about discussing the issues they face every day when you know you are thinking about solving them, and some of them can even become one of the sources of funds that we can rely on to make your application clear later.

Finally, you can search for and view the requirements and issues that users post on social media. Human life is complex and often requires new applications, such as those that have emerged over the past two years to keep up with the famous epidemic.

Trying to meet specific requirements is one of the most important sources of ideas for creating mobile phone applications. It helps you reach ideas that meet your needs. The greater the demand to meet the needs of the individual, the more willing you are to pay for the demand.

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B) Improvement

You may not know this; but Facebook is considered to be the first social networking site on the Internet (or app), and the development of social networking sites like Myspace, which died shortly after the advent of Facebook (which was rare at the time).

Optimization for software and applications (sometimes websites) is a common technology used by many Big Tech companies.

Some companies are already making improvements to the applications available, while others are using improved applications from existing applications. This application was purchased or owned by another company in the same way that occurs between Yahoo and a written site.

Of course, improvements are talking about adding improvements that can fundamentally change this application beyond a change in design or colour.

For example, most of the conversation apps on your smartphone are not much different from those you’ve used in the last 10 years.

What I like about this method is that you can create an application without looking for an idea and switch to the application from scratch, and remember that you always don’t have to think of new ideas to create the app on the contrary.

Choose from previously implemented application ideas and proceed through the application in a whole new way. It provides solutions to major life-cycle problems, but there are a huge number of applications that fail due to technology factors or developer interest and many other reasons.

It can dramatically improve the idea of these applications in terms of technology and design, then reintroduce them, and even address the problems that led to the failure of these applications to provide services and solutions that meet user satisfaction.

For two reasons your application should be different from other applications: The first is not in legal trouble and the second is noticeable.

There are a large number of grocery delivery service applications. If you create an application with the same purpose, will you be liable for the theft of your property or will you be charged? Of course, this only happens if you create an application that looks and themes similar to an application that already exists.

For example, to Excel in delivering grocery delivery services, you need to know about other application issues and solutions. This will improve the grocery delivery concept overall.

So, you have an app to get groceries home, but it certainly improves in terms of performance, delivery or other aspects, and also in such a way you can improve the solutions that already exist.

It’s easy to convince users to use apps that provide solutions they know, relying on apps that offer entirely new solutions.

Finally, in a short exercise, pick up your phone, explore your favourite apps, and review the performance of each app. Do you have any ideas to improve or improve the services you provide? If the answer is yes, it’s a good idea to find an idea for the application.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

C) Integration

The integration methods for creating applications are very similar to the optimization methods but are only forms and not topics.

Integration is a popular and reliable way to find application ideas, and the idea is based primarily on combining two ideas into one application, but mergers are only abstract.

Abstract integration is the integration of two basic ideas, such as the creation of a short-term video (idea 1) (idea 2), and TikTok merged the idea of a video on YouTube with the idea of a short video that existed for some time on Facebook.

TikTok relies on many other sub-ideas and integrates them with its basic ideas, some of these sub-ideas include the addition of effects and filters, all ideas preceded by a large number of social media programs, especially Instagram and Snapchat.

Now if you are reviewing ideas 1 and 2 and some older child ideas you will know that TikTok’s idea is not new at all, this indicates that the method of integration is popular in application creation.

Most financial and electronic payment applications are based on the concept of integration, and users are always looking for comprehensive applications.

Because all users are looking for apps that can handle all their financial transactions, many of these apps offer different types of financial services, such as paying bills, sending money, and sending out balances for electronic games.

Financial apps always work like this, but they don’t. Each of the previous services used a different app in the previous year, and smart developers combined all of these services and delivered them to users in one app.

Instead of relying on multiple apps, users preferred to use one app for all financial transactions. Keep in mind that this approach is better for ease of use and security.

You can also integrate more than one idea and service into one application. All you need to do is define your applications, search for key applications, and study them. It also describes how to integrate or integrate these applications to deliver entirely new applications.

2. Application characteristics Specification

Including an app’s properties can confuse the app’s concept, which is not true. The concept of an application is the solution that this application provides to users, but the attributes are how this application provides or provides this solution to users.

In the previous example of a grocery application, the application meets the needs of individuals buying groceries without much effort, about the characteristics, we can say that they are the details of the application’s application of functionality and these needs in the field of grocery delivery.

The full text of this example may be related to the delivery of these orders, the arrival time of the order, or where the order was received or paid. Another popular example is the financial application the idea of this application is to facilitate the user’s payment and electronic purchase.

Features of these applications can be the possibility of bill payments, wallet connections, bank accounts, etc. In conclusion, you should create a list of the characteristics of your application.

Secondary properties can include visual properties, displaying data in certain ways, or sharing on social media. These attributes are of course important but are not of the same importance as the basic characteristics of an application.

Designing application software is expensive, and to reduce costs, you should initially focus on the underlying properties of the application. Of course, you can add any secondary property you want later with a simple or comprehensive update.

In addition, identifying the basic characteristics of the application helps to clarify the nature of the application to investors.

Investors need to know the most important thing the application provides to users. This will help you in the financing decision for this application, but as we will discuss later, it may be considered a critical factor in the financing process for this application.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

3. Study the market and search for the most popular applications in the application field

Now that you’ve reached the idea of launching the app, it’s time to go into the market. Whatever the idea of the application, it belongs to a specific field in the world of smartphone applications.

If the app provides monetary services, it is within the economic realm and wants social media apps and more because the app provides a form of communication.

You should carefully study the application market, as these are important factors that affect the success of your application:

The extent to which the market requires applications (market size, domain and most popular applications related)

The nature of competition in this market (unlike in the self-developed applications market, competition in the financial applications market is intense)

The extent to which the applications available in this market meet the needs of the user.

The last point about user requirements is a very important question. Is there another application based on your ideas? This is another important point to note. Don’t worry. This does not mean that the app does not need to shine. You may need to.

Don’t wonder if one application can control the entire field, you will find a large number of applications that perform almost the same purpose, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most important social networking applications, but each of them has a different look and audience.

Telegram does some extra functions like WhatsApp, but both are considered different and have a large number of users.

Many users rely on multiple apps to perform a single purpose, extending beyond entertainment or social media to financial applications and service applications.

There is already an app based on the same idea in the app. How do you outperform the app?

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

There are several ways to compete with similar apps in an app:

  • Perform SWOT analysis of applications and competitive applications (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat analysis).
  • Download and focus on the top five apps you expect to compete with.
  • Find the most important reasons for your feedback and why you use them in these applications.

There is also a guide on how to transfer, which includes performing the following steps:

  • Record the most important information about these applications, such as name, price, rating, number of downloads, and developers who have distributed the application.
  • You can reduce the number of apps you want to compete with (for example, you might not want to compete with paid apps on the Google Store for less than 3.8), and set a criterion that is right for you, so you’ll be able to compete with fewer apps.
  • Find the most requested features from the audience of these apps and add them to the app.
  • Target vulnerabilities in similar apps and try to fix them in the app.
  • Now, we compete with 4-5 applications in the application space, which is better at focusing on resources and ideas. Competition is always based on providing features and additional functionality that are not available to competitors and can be easily accomplished by following the previous steps.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

4. specify the operating system on which the application will operate

It is important to determine which operating system the application will run on and which operating system is the market for all applications.

When you create an Android-specific app, you compete with an Android-based app.

The more applications run on multiple operating systems and devices, the more markets they will compete in, and at first, it’s a daunting task, but it doesn’t increase the chances of success and growth.

This also means that you will make money in several different ways, you can make apps on Android free and you can offer payment on iOS or vice versa based on one market research.

Each operating system has different economic characteristics, and with applications on more than one system, the number of customers increases, and the revenue increases as you grow.

This means you can reach a large number of customers by allowing them to run apps on this system, but iOS phone users have more purchasing power and the possibility to buy apps.

I can write a full article about the advantages and disadvantages of creating an application that works on either system.

My advice is to research the following factors, which vary from application to application:

Application Domains (Application demand for a specific domain varies by the operating system)

The cost of creating applications on both operating systems.

Is the application free or paid?

In general, most app owners aim to create applications that run simultaneously on Android and iOS, some of them may choose to run their applications on the system before others, but most of them are profitable and successful options always target both systems.

Use the results of previous studies to determine the first operating system to be called an application. After success and growth, you can start with a second system.

How to create a successful and profitable application in 10 Steps

5. Specify the initial design of the application (the design of the simple form of the application)

Is the page designed for the front end because the initial design is for the user interface and application pages, not the application software part or the back end? Yes and no.

While creating an application, it is a good idea to illustrate the appearance of the interface and the order in which it will look.

This is a very important step in creating an application, and of course, there is more than one way to implement it depending on the imagination of the application’s appearance. First, let’s say you have a picture of the application interface and a picture of the pages in that section.

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