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The miracle of one apple every day

The miracle of one apple every day

Apples from all over the world are available as delicious fruits and easily. Few people on Earth have ever tasted it in the form of fresh juice.

But does Apple walk away from the doctor in a day?

Is there a situation in which it is desirable to completely remove this fruit?

To answer your question, here are 10 facts about eating apples that everyone should know to stay healthy.

The inventory of vitamins in a fruit

Each apple indeed contains different vitamins. Suppose you ate a medium-sized apple. You consumed about 95 calories.

This substance not only fills your stomach but also contains approximately 4G of vitamin C, which is a lot of useful trace elements such as manganese, potassium and copper.

It also contains many vitamins. It is also one of the most digestible sources of iron.

Looks like we have a perfect pharmacy for the delicious fruit.

Eat apples to strengthen your brain

Some studies show that eating apples regularly improves brain activity.

This fruit contains certain antioxidants that prevent cell damage and inflammation.

Cider promotes the formation of important neurotransmitters that significantly improve memory.

A 2006 study published in the food sciences showed that apple plays a role in preventing Alzheimer’s.

The miracle of one apple every day

Heart, blood and blood vessels

Scientists have already proven that the daily consumption of apples reduces the risk of stroke and clots, as it normalizes cholesterol.

They compared the effect of consuming about one apple a day with taking special drugs called statins, which lower cholesterol levels but have some side effects.

Experts estimate that apples are just as effective as drugs to reduce heart mortality. In addition, eating apples prevent gallstones.

Stones are “petrified” cholesterol residues, and fibre in apples helps normalize cholesterol levels.

Although you eat one small apple a week, there is a similar protective effect.

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The health of the stomach with apple daily

Apples are said to help treat gastritis, especially green species. To do this, you need to wash the apples thoroughly, then clean and human.

There are grated apples in the early morning.

Since you can not eat anything for four hours before and after the apples, prepare breakfast at 11:00

In the first month you will eat such apples daily, in the second month – three times a week and in the third month – once a week.

You should ask your doctor how you can make sure that you have all the necessary information.

The miracle of one apple every day

Apples help strengthen the immune system

Everyone knows what stress can do for a person: bad mood, low productivity, internal health problems and more, but guess what?

Apples can also help here. Thanks to the quercetin antioxidant, which is mainly found in red apples, this fetus can strengthen the immune system and help the body cope with stress. It also helps to clean the liver in these cases.

The miracle of one apple every day

Eat apples every day, but know their limits

Despite all the useful properties of apples, they should not be consumed without restrictions. Apples contain carbohydrates that the body recycles into glucose.

If you are active, exercise or go to the gym at least twice a week, it will do you good. But if you have a stable function and inactive life, it can damage the apples and cause high blood sugar. It is therefore best to avoid more than three medium-sized apples a day.

In this case, you get useful substances, but they do not harm the body or add a lot of extra calories.

The miracle of one apple every day

Apples – the miracle of cooking

Of course, it is better to eat any fruit raw, right?

But to diversify your daily ratio and continue to consume all the vital trace elements that contain apples, you can make juice or juices, a pancake oven or desserts. You can even make chips out of it!

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